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Absolute Pagani Madness

Monterey - Car Week 2017

During the week of "Monterey Car Week", probably one of the worlds biggest automotive events, we drove down the coast from Monterey, to the Morro Bay Harbour. At Morro Bay we waited to catch the Fuel Run, which we had heard, would be accompanied by some Koenigseggs.

After an hour of waiting the Eggs had not shown up. But, just when we where about to give up and make our way back to Monterey, all of a sudden we heard a couple of loud grumbles which where unmistakably the bellowing engines of no less than two Koenigsegg CCX's.

After a while of shooting them at Morro Bay, we chased them onto the freeway, where sadly, due to a slight difference in horsepower, we lost them. Cause those things are freakin' fast!

Then, after about an hour of driving I saw two more Koenigseggs up ahead which we then chased about 10 kilometres to finally get the shots. And finally, out of the blue a full carbon fibre Pagani Huayra shows up next to our car. And before we knew it another carbon beast was by our side.

To cut it short, in about ten seconds our little Golf GTI was surrounded by Paganis. Driving around us like a swarm of bees around its queen, us.

As Far As The Eye Can See
Oh Yes
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